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Thank you!

We have all the information we need to get started on your publishing. The publishing process will start without further notice. 


If you ordered additional services we will contact you shortly.


You'll receive the below information via email as well.


The approximate timeline is as follows:


- Ad setup and submission to daily & weekly newspaper: approx. 7 days

- Newspaper lead time before ads start running: approx. 1 week

- Required ad run: 6 weeks

- Wait time for affidavits to be issued to us: approx. 1 week

- State processing time for Certificate of Publication: approx. 7-8 months (regular processing) or 1-2 business days (expedited processing)


TOTAL time required: Approx. 9-10 months until we email you the official state-issued filing receipt, which is the one and only proof of completion. If you chose expedited processing, you can expect your filing receipt within about 10 weeks.

Once we send the filing receipt to you, simply keep it with your LLC records. There will be nothing else to do, the process will be complete.


YOU DO *NOT* HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE PROCESS TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE CONDUCTING BUSINESS. You can start doing business from the day your LLC is formed.






Although the state requires that the publishing process be completed within 120 days from the date of formation, it is likely that the deadline will be exceeded. This is a frequent occurrence and simply starting the process like you have will protect your LLC.






You will NOT hear anything from us until we deliver your filing receipt in about 9 months (regular processing), or about 10 weeks (expedited processing).

If you'd like to check on the status of the publishing, or if you'd like to know which newspapers and dates your notices are being published, you can reach out by email after about 2 weeks. 






Please do NOT file any name, county, or address changes with the state until the publishing process is complete. If you do that, we will need to start the publishing process all over again at your expense. Thanks! 






You'll be automatically charged for registered agent service in one (1) year from today and annually thereafter unless you cancel. The $99 charge will show up as "Metro Business Services".






If you already have registered agent service through Legalzoom, they are likely charging you $249 per year. Call Legalzoom to cancel their service. You may cancel online on their website or by calling them at (877) 808-8977. According to their terms, you will first need to appoint a new registered agent for your business (you've already done that through us). If you have registered agent service with any other company, you may want to contact them to cancel their service since we are now your registered agent.


Have questions? Email for fastest response.



Thanks again for your trust!

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