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How the LLC publishing process works


  • After you order, we obtain all necessary info about your LLC directly from the NYS corporations database. That's why we don't need to bother you for documents.

  • We appoint ourselves as your registered agent in Rockland (or change the existing RA) which gives your LLC a Rockland location that we can use for publishing. We do NOT change your business address, nor do we receive your mail. IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR MAIL IN ANY WAY. All of your business mail continues to go to your regular business address. It also DOES NOT AFFECT where you can conduct business.

  • We prepare & place your legal notices in Rockland County (2 newspapers for 6 weeks). After completion, we obtain affidavits from the newspapers.

  • We prepare and file the Certificate of Publication with the state and pay the required $50 state fee.

  • After the state processes the Certificate of Publication, we email you the official state-issued Filing Receipt. The Filing Receipt is the only official proof of completion of the publishing process issued by the state.

  • We continue our great registered agent service for one (1) full year from the date of your order for FREE. After that, you'll be automatically charged just $99 per year unless and until you cancel with no further obligation.


Things you should know

  • We do NOT need any documents from you in order to publish. We obtain all necessary info directly from New York State.

  • The process takes *about* 9 months start to finish due to state processing delays. If you choose expedited processing, the time frame is reduced to about 10 weeks start to finish.

  • You do NOT need to wait for the process to be completed in order to do business. You can conduct business right away.

  • We offer an interest-free payment plan thru Klarna. It will break up your total amount due into 4 easy payments, one payment every two weeks. Just select "payment plan" at checkout.


The answer to the #1 most-asked question:

It is *never* too late to start the LLC publishing process. Regardless of when you started your LLC, and regardless of the deadline, you still need to publish. Your LLC will be protected as long as you get started. Just place your order and get your LLC in good standing as soon as possible.

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